Discovery - Phase 1

Client Card Sorting with Derma-e

Client Card Sorting with Derma-e

  • Brand Identity Prism Defines the core purpose, the personality, the relationship with users, the image, the culture and the values of the brand

  • Demographics Exercise Understanding who the users are and how we meet and exceed their needs through the eyes of the business

  • Card Sorting A technique often used to determine collective categorization from different opinions of different people. We can determine what features will be immediately implemented, as well as features for future iterations. 

  • Content Analysis with SEO best practices in mind

  • CCA (Competitive Comparative Analysis) Differentiate the business from the competition by thoroughly researching features, strategy, design, UX etc. of competitors, as well as other notable websites. 


Research - Phase 2


Persona for Elements Behavioral Health

Persona for Elements Behavioral Health

  • Personas Fictional (but based on fact) representations of users. They represent the goals, motivations, characteristics and behaviors of a real group of users. I aim to validate the assumptions made during the demographics exercises, as well as uncover new persona findings through user interviewing.

  • User Flow This is where I break down the product into specific skills or tasks the user needs to understand in order to get the most out of the product.

  • Task Analysis A step-by-step analysis of the users’ task, from their perspective.

  • Information Architecture Basic Wires – shows the basic features and functionality, site map, taxonomies and navigation structure design.

  • Sketching/White boarding A form of visual communication, which is a great way to incorporate brainstorming between cross functional teams.


Design - Phase 3

Responsive Hi-Fi Design for Papyrus

Responsive Hi-Fi Design for Papyrus

  • Style Guide and Mood Board

  • Responsive Lo-Fi Design

  • Prototype and User Testing Improve designs by watching real customers interact with the interface , in order to better inform the iteration process

  • Iterations

  • Responsive Hi-Fi Design and development annotations

  • A/B Testing Method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better. 

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